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    • Borneo Gold

      Borneo Gold

      They say the best smelling Oud comes from Borneo and there are others who argue that the SubIntegra species of agarwood has proven its worth for the title of best scent.

      So what happens when you put these two together? You get a wonderful oud that carries the name - Borneo Gold

      Sourced directly from the wild, these wonderful premium agarwood chips will salivate your Oud senses even before burning due to the natural emission of its fragrant smell. You know that is just ...
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      Scent Notes: Caramel, Dried Figs, Dried Fruits, Sweet Tobacco, Vanillin

      Origin: Borneo SubIntegra

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    • Borneo Vintage '89

      Borneo Vintage '89

      An enchanting and captivating experience awaits the wearer of our latest addition to the Vintage collection.

      Originating from wild Malaccensis in the lush tropical rainforests of Borneo, the sweet aroma of Borneo Vintage '89 is predominantly characterised by its strong sweet, teak smell.

      The allure of Borneo Vintage is its freshness and vigour, inducing a surge of positive energy much like a breath of fresh air. A refreshing...
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      Scent Notes: Honey, Sweet, Sweet Caramel, Teak, Tobacco, Woody

      Origin: Borneo Malaccensis

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    • Sinai Gold

      Sinai Gold

      Sinai Gold is set to deliver a delightful scentified experience for the novice and discerning individuals.

      It's aroma, reliable - from the start of fumigation to the culmination of it. Be prepared to inhale its sweet and woody notes that are not interrupted by any scent that is off the mark. A constant companion through the seasons of winter and summer. Embrace the Sinai Gold with therapeutic bliss.

      Only available in 1kg amounts.

      1 kilogram = $2950 (USD)

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      Scent Notes: Caramel, Deep Woody, Earthy, Sweet, Tobacco, Vanillin

      Origin: Borneo Malaccensis

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