Borneo Vintage '89

    Scent Notes: Honey, Sweet, Sweet Caramel, Teak, Tobacco, Woody

    Oud Origin: Borneo Malaccensis

  • Description

    An enchanting and captivating experience awaits the wearer of our latest addition to the Vintage collection.

    Originating from wild Malaccensis in the lush tropical rainforests of Borneo, the sweet aroma of Borneo Vintage '89 is predominantly characterised by its strong sweet, teak smell.

    The allure of Borneo Vintage is its freshness and vigour, inducing a surge of positive energy much like a breath of fresh air. A refreshing injection of vigour and vitality that has been intentionally left to mature since 24 years to ripe into its current perfect scent, Borneo Vintage is an exquisite product of excellence which shares a universal appeal to all audiences.
    Borneo Vintage will transport you to a gathering of camaraderie in the late 80s, where the wild agarwood are flourishing and lavish in its rich dark resin, fumigating the audiences amidst the beautiful Arabic poetry in the background.  


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