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  • Its aroma has a characteristic of balsamic, moderate creamy, dark and wet. Splendid smell of antique wood at the beginning and after half an hour, enters into a slightly golden metallic smell, sharing harmoniously with wood. With time, the metallic character decreases progressively. There will remain a scent of fine wood as revealed in the beginning but milder. I could also find the smell of tobacco.

    I buy high quality oud regularly and I give this a 9 out of 10.. For those who is willing to pay for high quality oud, Lao Vintage '95 is absolutely one of them!

    (Lao Vintage '95)

    Aug 08, 2013   –   Alan C.

  • When I was expecting this, I had in my mind some traces of the funky scent that can be commonly found in a Laos oil. This goes to show what long ageing can really do to an Oudh. The smell is uniquely intoxicating and sweet, devoid of the funkiness. It's wonderful

    (Lao Vintage '95)

    Aug 01, 2013   –   David

  • They all smell out of this world, it really truly feels like wild untamed oud yet wonderful scents to enjoy... The trat..well I got weak and decided to keep that one for myself. I wear it now on my arm and sniff at it continuously

    (Oud Trat)

    Aug 01, 2013   –   Taher

  • The quality of this Oud is exceptional and very rich in aroma, I never had a wonderful experience of an oud like this. Here's really hoping to invest in a full bottle

    (Lao Vintage '95)

    Jun 11, 2013   –   Jason K.

  • Mashallah, great brothers to deal with. Full support and recommendations on their products were on point and I am enjoying the fruits of that.

    I have already maximised my experience of the wood chips by following their advise on letting the wood burn in a steaming washroom, I followed that up with letting my car fumigate before heading off to work.

    (Borneo Gold, Hindi Ateeq)

    Jun 11, 2013   –   Taher

  • Nice packaging and fast.

    My first impression when I opened the bottle was the woody/earthy notes starting swirling around. It is a beautiful Oud with smoky, leathery, fruity, and woody notes.

    (Hindi Ateeq)

    May 29, 2013   –   Norhisam I.

  • As a newbie in this branch of aromatherapy, I'd have to say it certainly take some time to get use to the scents it may be intense or too gamey for those new to it or with unseasoned nostrils..but just like fine wine as time goes by and as you are used to the scents you'll find yourself yearning for it more and more. It has this earthy scent so pure and so refreshing, you''ll keep thinking about it like a song from a mega hit music piece that never gets out of your head..

    Well done sultanul oud..will do business with you guys again.

    (Oud Trat)

    Apr 30, 2013   –   Zane

  • I love to burn this, the smell is so nice. The downside is every time after burning this, I have to scrub my mica plate to rid of the oily mess due to the Samarinda's rich oil content. And at the price that I had, this is really excellent stuff

    (Samarinda Oud)

    Apr 19, 2013   –   Adnan

  • I was skeptic to go for pure Oud from my usual choice of Oud cologne but this Oud proved to be an excellent fragrance and suited for every occasion, it is abosolute (absolute) CLASS distilled into a bottle!


    Apr 02, 2013   –   Dickson L.

  • I got both oudh today in fine condition and nice packaging, thank you for the fast shipping. I like how your hindi oudh scent lingers even hours after I first put it on and the beautiful smell of the hindi sidiq just stubbornly sticks to my clothes in the wardrobe after burning

    (Hindi Ateeq)

    Mar 21, 2013   –   Majid F.


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