Oud Woods

Elegant enough to be burned for the most formal of occasions and yet most suitable to be fumigated and enjoyed in your every day. They are at your service - whether for the scenting of your self, home and wardrobe, or to achieve a state of calmness and meditation through their psychoactive effect - these are our choice selections for Sultanul Oud's premium Oud woods. Our stock is limited and always changing, and especially so for those that are dark and sourced from the wild, so place your order while stocks last.

Sultanul Oud chips are available in 2 distinctions: Novice is for sampling in approximately 5-gram amounts or King Class which is for a much lower price in 100-gram amounts.

Check out our illustrated step by step guide on how to apply your Oud

  • Borneo Gold

    Borneo Gold

    They say the best smelling Oud comes from Borneo and there are others who argue that the SubIntegra species of agarwood has proven its worth for the title of best scent.

    So what happens when you put these two together? You get a wonderful oud that carries the name - Borneo Gold

    Sourced directly from the wild, these wonderful premium agarwood chips will salivate your Oud senses even before burning due to the natural emission of its fragrant smell. You know that is just ...
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    Scent Notes: Caramel, Dried Figs, Dried Fruits, Sweet Tobacco, Vanillin

    Origin: Borneo SubIntegra

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    From $85.00

  • Hindi Sidiq

    Hindi Sidiq

    From the far reaches of Assam, the original lands of the Agallocha species of agarwood, our Hindi Sidiq which means True Hindi, is an exotic agarwood of ancient lineage. 

    These agarwoods are highly aromatic, dark shiny and saturated with rich dark resin; a precious and dignified jewel that is guaranteed to fill your nostrils with an unyielding aroma that stimulates your senses. 

    Bringing positive energy into your life is the very hear...
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    Scent Notes: Cinnamon, Smoky-Tobacco, Smooth, Sweet Caramel, Woody

    Origin: Hindi Agallocha

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    From $75.00

  • Samarinda Oud

    Samarinda Oud

    There is nothing more beautiful than coming into your sweet home and finding the atmosphere filled with the scent of Oud. It is warm and inviting and the scent lingers in your curtains, furniture, your clothing, your hair - it is simply delightful, calming and gratifying.

    Prepare yourself to achieve a relaxed state during fumigation with our fragrant Samarinda Oud, an excellent, oil-rich wild Oud from our chips collection that is especially suitable for those who a...
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    Scent Notes: Cloves, Dried Figs, Sweet Tobacco, Vanillin, Woody

    Origin: Samarinda Sinensis

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    From $50.00

  • Kalimantan Super (Beads and Carving)

    Kalimantan Super (Beads and Carving)

    These high grade and dry agarwood from the deepest jungles of Kalimantan comes with the most beautiful and intricate pattern on their edges and inner that makes them most suitable for carving and production of agarwood beads for jewellery.

    Such pattern in agarwood are very rare to come by, and with its dark skin and resin which projects its maturity of being years grown in the jungle, it makes it highly worth it, especially at the price that it is being offered.

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    Scent Notes: Deep Woody, Dried Figs, Honey, Sweet, Sweet Caramel, Woody

    Origin: Borneo Malaccensis

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  • Sinai Gold

    Sinai Gold

    Sinai Gold is set to deliver a delightful scentified experience for the novice and discerning individuals.

    It's aroma, reliable - from the start of fumigation to the culmination of it. Be prepared to inhale its sweet and woody notes that are not interrupted by any scent that is off the mark. A constant companion through the seasons of winter and summer. Embrace the Sinai Gold with therapeutic bliss.

    Only available in 1kg amounts.

    1 kilogram = $2950 (USD)

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    Scent Notes: Caramel, Deep Woody, Earthy, Sweet, Tobacco, Vanillin

    Origin: Borneo Malaccensis

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  • Burmese Kynam Qi-Nan

    Burmese Kynam Qi-Nan

    We present to you one of the World's rarest wood. The Kynam, Qi-Nan, Calambac or Kyara is the highest grade of Oud or Gaharu in the world. This amazing wood of the South is so rare that only one out of a thousand 100-year old Agarwood trees may chance upon producing this extraordinary Oud. Many a theory came about on the conception of a Qi-Nan but to this date, the exact answer still remains a mystery. 

    Depicting an "Astute Flying Dragon" for those who are into Fengshui, this g...
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    Scent Notes: Ethereal, Extremely Sweet, Mildly Spicy, Smooth

    Origin: Burmese Kynam Crassna, 沉香, 沈香, 伽羅

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  • Qi-Nan (Kynam) 100

    Qi-Nan (Kynam) 100

    A legendary name that is often heard but rarely seen, Sultanul Oud has painstakingly managed to acquire this mystical pinnacle black gold of the jungle by the grace of God.

    This Qi-Nan piece weighing 100 gram is sparkling with its resin when shone under bright fluorescent light, its perfect texture is almost silky in appearance, its scent is pristinely amazing that is almost surreal to describe. Put a tiny splinter of it in your mouth and feel that numbness sensation as you chew...
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    Scent Notes: Honey, Smooth, Sweet, Sweet Caramel, Sweet Tobacco, Vanillin

    Origin: Qi-Nan 沉香, 沈香, 伽羅

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  • Borneo Super King

    Borneo Super King

    Super King grade quality is not only hard to find, but highly sought after and coveted in all the world of Oud. This rare and thick 200 gram King Super Grade gem is the prized crown jewel in any agarwood collection.

    Dried down for months from any moisture, it is perfect for carving or prayer beads production. Relish the opportunity to savour one of the world’s most coveted natural gems and lay your hands on this exquisite item of luxury while stocks last.<...
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    Scent Notes: Honey, Sweet Caramel, Sweet Tobacco, Teak, Woody

    Origin: Borneo Malaccensis

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  • Wild Kalimantan DS

    Wild Kalimantan DS

    Extracted from the untamed tropical rainforests of Kalimantan, our Kalimantan Double Super Gaharu is high-quality resinous wild grade agarwood and a perfect addition to your agarwood collection. 

    Its aroma will greet you even before the touch of the burner and its great resin properties are clearly evident from its heavy weight and dark appearance. 

    Create a soothing ambiance in your home or office and achieve an experience of aromatherapy ...
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    Scent Notes: Caramel, Damp Woody, Menthol-Camphor, Sweet Tobacco

    Origin: Borneo East Kalimantan

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    From $90.00

  • Malinau SS

    Malinau SS

    Geographical barriers are no obstacle when it comes to our sourcing for the finest quality. Malinau SS, for Super Size, is named as such for the obvious reason. This wild Malinau Gaharu is super aromatic and shiny in appearance due to its rich Oil content as well as heavy in weight. 

    Once you feel it in your hands, you will agree hands down that this is a premium Oud wood. Malinau SS is one prime example of genuinely wild and ...
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    Scent Notes: Cinnamon, Deep Woody, Dried Apricots, Earthy, Smoky

    Origin: Indonesian Malinau

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    From $198.00

  • Black Borneo

    Black Borneo

    From the exotic remote jungles of Borneo, this resinous agarwood is an aromatic wonder of nature. From its first touch to the burner, let the scented smoke rise invitingly and induce you into submission with its therapeutic effect. 

    Black Borneo is one of our premium quality agarwood, carefully sourced and hand-picked from amongst the finest.

    1 gram = $16 (USD) or 1 gram = $11 (USD - 100-gram price)
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    Scent Notes: Caramel, Cedar, Cinnamon, Minty, Tobacco

    Origin: Borneo Malaccensis

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    From $80.00

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