About Sultanul Oud

We were brought up in a unique culture that observes high reverence for the legendary jewel of our native forest they call Oud. Physically situated in a melting pot of the South East and Middle Eastern cultures and on the wild heartlands where Oud naturally flourish, our gatherings of knowledge, remembrance and camaraderie are filled with the indulgence of Oud - through the means of the burner and the swipe from the perfume bottle. We grew up being passionate in learning the intricate knowledge of the agarwood. The intention made years ago to share this joy is the conception of Sultanul Oud - a commitment to all levels of Oud lovers in providing the finest Oud from all over.


Partake in this centuries-old tradition and experience one of the best offerings nature can offer. Handmade, from cultivation to fabrication - each of our fragrances is produced from the highest quality agarwood that is most diligently sourced. Witness the art in our products as our artisans practise their craft - studying the complex balance between the finest material and technical distillation methods. This reverence for the most precious materials and techniques culminates into a brilliantly composed range of signature Ouds, compellingly created for fumigation and perfume essence. Sultanul Oud ensures that every Oud experience with us is a delight that is sure to illuminate your senses.


It is an honour and a privilege for us to have the opportunity to serve you with our signature scents and be united in a common love and appreciation for Oud. For any information or query on our products and services that you may need, please do not hesitate to contact us. We treasure every enquiry and feedback and we will strive to respond to you within the shortest time possible. It will delight us to be your companion in your journey to the scented world of Oud.


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