Custom Oud Distillation

    Scent Notes: Custom

    Oud Origin: Your Custom Oud Limited Edition

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    From one's very own preference to the preciousness of nature's wonders, Sultanul Oud's "Custom Oud Limited Edition" feature translates the intention to achieve personal elegance. 

    Each order starts with a customised quotation from a precise briefing session to know of the customer's requirements, during which a rich selection of agarwood is presented. More than five refined distill grade Oud woods from our signature Oud Wood collection, including super grade Oud wood, are on hand to meet high expectations and to satisfy individual preferences. Alternatively, let us know your preferred type of agarwood to distill from and we will get to work on sourcing for you your choice Oud if we do not have it currently in stock. 

    The attention to distillation detail and the great variety of raw agarwood material reveals a unique treat to whomever is after timeless elegance. Sultanul Oud expert distillers offer the scented needs of today’s refined perfume lover. Hand made from start to finish, our made to measure Oud oil exudes heritage and a true passion for excellence. This service culminates into a one of a kind, highly exclusive Oud that harmonizes to excellence, with the name of the customer hand engraved onto the bottle. 

    Quintessential of a Sultanul Oud service - fit for a personage.

From $600 onwards

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