Wholesale Club

*Only for Select Patrons of Business/Consumer Nature*
$99 Monthly For:
  • Monthly Shipping Of The Rarest Oud Wood (5 GRAMS) and Oil (1 ML) - Allows you to easily be certain on the quality before making the bulk wholesale purchase
  • Unbeatable Wholesale Prices and Sources Anywhere On The Net - We are talking about purchase prices that allow retailers like Arabian Oud, Ajmal and Haramain to make them the successful multi-million dollar companies they are today and from direct jungle hunters as our source that you can never find without our service
  • Direct Access to a source of revenue where you can resell the wholesale purchases for multiple times its cost directly to manufacturer of perfumeries, perfume and agarwood retailers, large or independent perfume houses, your local community and the list goes on
  • If you are an avid collector and if you qualify for this service it allows you to receive at your doorstep on a monthly basis the Rarest, Scarce and Most Prized Agarwood that you never knew still existing in the Jungles of the World today. We are talking about Sinking Grade Agarwood from the depths of Kalimantan, the almost extinct Cambodian, the fruity and woody scents of the small yet heavy Filipino or the tobacco and toffee profile of the Hindi and all the rarest agarwood species in between that you never knew existed. And after receiving the monthly box and you think that you want to monopolize that entire collection for future price appreciation - simply make a wholesale purchase at our unbeatable source-price!

As this service is only open to business and seasoned consumers, please fill the form below to register your interest as we have limited slots for this service.


(Please use your business email address if you are a company.)
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