Borneo Gold

    Scent Notes: Caramel, Dried Figs, Dried Fruits, Sweet Tobacco, Vanillin

    Oud Origin: Borneo SubIntegra

  • Description

    They say the best smelling Oud comes from Borneo and there are others who argue that the SubIntegra species of agarwood has proven its worth for the title of best scent.

    So what happens when you put these two together? You get a wonderful oud that carries the name - Borneo Gold

    Sourced directly from the wild, these wonderful premium agarwood chips will salivate your Oud senses even before burning due to the natural emission of its fragrant smell. You know that is just the teaser for you, playfully calling you to light your coal. And then you prepare your burner and you put a tiny piece of the Borneo Gold on your coal and there it comes upon you... the layered, almost surreal, sweet scent notes to prepare you for a bliss to remember! Our exotic Borneo Gold is going at an almost wholesale price of just £11 ($17) per gram. We can assure you this is lower than the standard retail price for this kind of dark, resinous high quality grade - especially in the astronomical agarwood market such as today.

    Grab some of these rare pieces of Borneo Gold today and absorb yourself in the therapeutic sweet bliss of wild Borneo Oud!

    1 gram = $17 (USD) or 1 gram = $13 (USD - 100-gram price)

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    Mashallah, great brothers to deal with. Full support and recommendations on their products were on point and I am enjoying... Read more →

    — Taher

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