Hindi Ateeq

    Scent Notes: Balsamic, Green Tea, Leathery, Mild Floral, Sweet Greens, Woody

    Oud Origin: Hindi Agallocha

  • Description

    Hindi Ateeq is a sophisticated and charming Oud essential oil which commands attention. 

    From the best, distill-grade Agallocha Oud chips, it is extracted by the painstaking and long winded traditional method of gradual cooking over low heat. This hydro distillation extraction to make Hindi Ateeq was done by one of the most experienced distillers whose family has been into Oud for generations in the region of Assam. 

    Hindi Ateeq offers a familiarity typical of Hindi Oud oils but yet is subtle and more refined in the funky note that is commonly associated with the Agallocha species of Oud. Its distinctive scent opens on a smooth, leathery note coupled with tea, balsamic woody notes that are rich in aroma which instantly invigorates your senses and resonates with your core being. The prolonged dry-down notes that follow carry a floral - yes floral, sweet greenish tone and its combination is an alluring mixture elevating you to state which is almost therapeutic. 

    You would have to personally experience this aromatherapy wonder to truly appreciate the pleasures which a real Hindi Oud can bring. This is a refined Hindi Oud, perfect for the most demanding Hindi Oud connoisseurs as well as novices.


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Product Review

Nice packaging and fast. My first impression when I opened the bottle was the woody/earthy notes starting swirling around. It... Read more →

— Norhisam I.

I got both oudh today in fine condition and nice packaging, thank you for the fast shipping. I like how... Read more →

— Majid F.

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