Maroeke Double Super Grade Moori

    Scent Notes: Earthy, Smooth, Sweet, Sweet Greens, Vanillin, Woody

    Oud Origin: Irian Maroke Filaria

  • Description

    This 'AA' class Maroeke Double Super Grade small sized agarwood chips are from the thick and inaccessible wilderness of Irian Jaya. It is slightly bigger than its Dugga sibling but has much more oil content and thickness, making it ideal for a longer and lasting fumigation.

    Excellent sweet smell, most suitable for direct burning and fumigation.

    Prices include fees for CITES permit for commercial import, export and re-export. 

    Minimum purchase is for 1 kilogram.

    Please contact us for shipping price if you intend to order 2 kg and more. 


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