Oud Trat

    Scent Notes: Balsamic, Dried Figs, Fruity, Plums, Raisins, Tobacco, Woody

    Oud Origin: Thailand Crassna

  • Description

    If you think the best smelling Crassna Oud comes only from Cambodia, then you will have to experience what this Thailand Crassna Oud can give you. 

    Delve into a daydream with our Oud Trat as it brings you into a meditative state of calmness and tranquillity. This wonderful Oud oil essence from the Thailand Crassna agarwood species was distilled from a considerably aged tree using steam distillation. It enchants its wearer into a spellbinding trance as the core essence of Oud Trat mesmerises the senses and soothes the entire being. 

    As the initial intense sweet, plumpy and mild-floral flavours gently diffuse, it withdraws into a softer tone to reveal shallow tinges of other hidden notes reminiscent of dried figs and raisins which come as a pleasant surprise. All the while accompanying these are the beautiful pair of tobacco and woody notes which, together with a tinge of a fruity bubble gum note, become more prominent especially at the drydown. 

    The synchronisation of the core element and subtle elements in this masterpiece of fusion creates a delicate balance that is emotionally and spiritually uplifting. Oud Trat will shake the core foundation of your belief that only Cambodia produces the best smelling wild Crassna Oud. 


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Product Review

They all smell out of this world, it really truly feels like wild untamed oud yet wonderful scents to enjoy... The... Read more →

— Taher

As a newbie in this branch of aromatherapy, I'd have to say it certainly take some time to get use to... Read more →

— Zane

A beautiful, uplifting Oud. After selecting it purely from its description, I am so thrilled that it has lived up... Read more →

— Simeon

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