Sre Ambel

    Scent Notes: Antique Books, Earthy, Floral, Sweet Groundnut, Woody

    Oud Origin: Cambodian Crassna

  • Description

    Sre Ambel refers to a dense tropics location in South Western Cambodia. The region is rich with wild growing Oud of the Crassna and Sinensis species. 

    Sre Ambel opens with a distinct peanuty scent from the first application. Prepare to warmly receive the flavours of sweet groundnut, coupled with woody notes that will engulf you and those around you, together with the scent of earthy tones mysteriously lingering in the background. 

    Sre Ambel is anything but your typical Crassna as it is an agarwood oil essence for the vintage fans - the dry down note will remind one of a nostalgic moment, akin to the scent of flipping through the old pages of an antique hardcover book from the family library. You would think that the dry down is just that until the notorious Crassna fruity-floral fragrant note starts to appear. Newbies in the Oud olfactory journey may have some acquiring to do with this vintage oil, but we think they will love it eventually!


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