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  • Borneo Gold

    Borneo Gold

    They say the best smelling Oud comes from Borneo and there are others who argue that the SubIntegra species of agarwood has proven its worth for the title of best scent.

    So what happens when you put these two together? You get a wonderful oud that carries the name - Borneo Gold

    Sourced directly from the wild, these wonderful premium agarwood chips will salivate your Oud senses even before burning due to the natural emission of its fragrant smell. You know that is just ...
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    Scent Notes: Caramel, Dried Figs, Dried Fruits, Sweet Tobacco, Vanillin

    Origin: Borneo SubIntegra

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  • Borneo Intense

    Borneo Intense

    The Borneo Intense has a natural flair to attract those that are already accustomed to the noble Oud scent and those that are not. 

    Its rich, sweet and enticing aroma communicates instinctively with the wearer, making you feel altogether comfortable, soothed and wrapped in upmost relaxation. This scent crafts a nostalgic atmosphere of serenity and tranquility, leaving the wearer centered and at peace. 

    An aromatic oil vapour that beckons you and indu...
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    Scent Notes: Buttery, Honey, Smooth, Sweet, Sweet Caramel

    Origin: Borneo Malaccensis

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  • Burmese Kynam Qi-Nan

    Burmese Kynam Qi-Nan

    We present to you one of the World's rarest wood. The Kynam, Qi-Nan, Calambac or Kyara is the highest grade of Oud or Gaharu in the world. This amazing wood of the South is so rare that only one out of a thousand 100-year old Agarwood trees may chance upon producing this extraordinary Oud. Many a theory came about on the conception of a Qi-Nan but to this date, the exact answer still remains a mystery. 

    Depicting an "Astute Flying Dragon" for those who are into Fengshui, this g...
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    Scent Notes: Ethereal, Extremely Sweet, Mildly Spicy, Smooth

    Origin: Burmese Kynam Crassna, 沉香, 沈香, 伽羅

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  • Malaysia Double Super Agarwood

    Malaysia Double Super Agarwood

    Malaysia Double Super grade agarwood chips are among the highest grade from the jungles of peninsular Malaysia.

    Excellent sweet smell of nature, this thick, double super grade jungle agarwood comes in small, medium and large sizes per order and are most suitable for direct burning and fumigation.

    Prices include fees for CITES permit for commercial import, export and re-export. 

    Minimum purchase is for 1 kilogram.

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    Scent Notes: Honey, Smooth, Sweet, Sweet Caramel, Vanillin, Woody

    Origin: Malaysia Malaccensis

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  • Sinai Gold

    Sinai Gold

    Sinai Gold is set to deliver a delightful scentified experience for the novice and discerning individuals.

    It's aroma, reliable - from the start of fumigation to the culmination of it. Be prepared to inhale its sweet and woody notes that are not interrupted by any scent that is off the mark. A constant companion through the seasons of winter and summer. Embrace the Sinai Gold with therapeutic bliss.

    Only available in 1kg amounts.

    1 kilogram = $2950 (USD)

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    Scent Notes: Caramel, Deep Woody, Earthy, Sweet, Tobacco, Vanillin

    Origin: Borneo Malaccensis

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  • Hindi Sidiq

    Hindi Sidiq

    From the far reaches of Assam, the original lands of the Agallocha species of agarwood, our Hindi Sidiq which means True Hindi, is an exotic agarwood of ancient lineage. 

    These agarwoods are highly aromatic, dark shiny and saturated with rich dark resin; a precious and dignified jewel that is guaranteed to fill your nostrils with an unyielding aroma that stimulates your senses. 

    Bringing positive energy into your life is the very hear...
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    Scent Notes: Cinnamon, Smoky-Tobacco, Smooth, Sweet Caramel, Woody

    Origin: Hindi Agallocha

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  • Borneo Vintage '89

    Borneo Vintage '89

    An enchanting and captivating experience awaits the wearer of our latest addition to the Vintage collection.

    Originating from wild Malaccensis in the lush tropical rainforests of Borneo, the sweet aroma of Borneo Vintage '89 is predominantly characterised by its strong sweet, teak smell.

    The allure of Borneo Vintage is its freshness and vigour, inducing a surge of positive energy much like a breath of fresh air. A refreshing...
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    Scent Notes: Honey, Sweet, Sweet Caramel, Teak, Tobacco, Woody

    Origin: Borneo Malaccensis

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  • Samarinda Oud

    Samarinda Oud

    There is nothing more beautiful than coming into your sweet home and finding the atmosphere filled with the scent of Oud. It is warm and inviting and the scent lingers in your curtains, furniture, your clothing, your hair - it is simply delightful, calming and gratifying.

    Prepare yourself to achieve a relaxed state during fumigation with our fragrant Samarinda Oud, an excellent, oil-rich wild Oud from our chips collection that is especially suitable for those who a...
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    Scent Notes: Cloves, Dried Figs, Sweet Tobacco, Vanillin, Woody

    Origin: Samarinda Sinensis

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  • Tarakano


    The charming Tarakano Aloeswood fragrant oil essence prides itself in its diverse range of sweet sublime notes. Indonesia is extremely rich in its diverse source of wild agarwood trees and it is a common practise to distill from wild Oud chips up to this day. 

    This Tarakano is no different. Extracted by one of our experienced craftsman using CO2 distillation, it is free from any acrid or burnt smell that may be associated with a distillation from less experienced hands. More Info

    Scent Notes: Dried Figs, Honey, Sweet Caramel, Syrupy, Woody

    Origin: Indonesian Tarakan

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  • Lao Vintage '95

    Lao Vintage '95

    Experience a true blue vintage, pure Oud oil with our Laos offering. A brilliant oil that was crafted in 1995 from resinated wild Oud wood and left to age for over 18 years to reveal the brilliant scent profile of the present masterpiece. 

    Its diverse scent profile of rich creamy, layered with thick floral scent notes, complete with a heavy but refined and sophisticated sweet tobacco dry down makes this Oud a real rarity in terms of the experience you are going to get.

    Laos i...
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    Scent Notes: Balsamic, Deep Woody, Rich Creamy, Sweet Tobacco, Thick Floral, Vanillin

    Origin: Laotian Crassna

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