Burmese Kynam Qi-Nan

    Scent Notes: Ethereal, Extremely Sweet, Mildly Spicy, Smooth

    Oud Origin: Burmese Kynam Crassna, 沉香, 沈香, 伽羅

  • Description

    We present to you one of the World's rarest wood. The Kynam, Qi-Nan, Calambac or Kyara is the highest grade of Oud or Gaharu in the world. This amazing wood of the South is so rare that only one out of a thousand 100-year old Agarwood trees may chance upon producing this extraordinary Oud. Many a theory came about on the conception of a Qi-Nan but to this date, the exact answer still remains a mystery. 

    Depicting an "Astute Flying Dragon" for those who are into Fengshui, this greater than 200 years old rare Kynam piece was extracted from the remote jungles of Burma. According to traditional Chinese beliefs, a person will need to be very prosperous and virtuous to be able to encounter a Kynam in their lifetime and in order to own it and have splinters to fumigate luxuriously. Being a Burmese Kynam from the Crassna species, this is indeed a rarer find than the usual Kynam which is from the Vietnam or Cambodi origin. 

    The glass jar that we house the uniquely shaped Kynam in is extremely reeking of its extraordinary scent! The sharp rising smoke gives out a captivating aroma that is simply ethereal and indescribable. Tasting mildly bitter, spicy and sweet on the tongue when chewed, this 94-gram Burmese Kynam piece truly is, a rare prized possession. The Japanese treasure this exact kind of agarwood and treat it as a revered item due to its intrinsic healing properties and to have this artefact displayed as a piece of art in one's gallery or home is beyond luxury!

    No marketing gimmicks or unscrupulous exploiting of the Kynam label here, this is a true authentic rare Kynam, only for the most discerning Oud aficionado and appreciator!

    Weight: 94 grams

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