Kalimantan Super (Beads and Carving)

    Scent Notes: Deep Woody, Dried Figs, Honey, Sweet, Sweet Caramel, Woody

    Oud Origin: Borneo Malaccensis

  • Description

    These high grade and dry agarwood from the deepest jungles of Kalimantan comes with the most beautiful and intricate pattern on their edges and inner that makes them most suitable for carving and production of agarwood beads for jewellery.

    Such pattern in agarwood are very rare to come by, and with its dark skin and resin which projects its maturity of being years grown in the jungle, it makes it highly worth it, especially at the price that it is being offered.

    1 gram = $25 (USD)
    Weight = Approximately 1200 grams






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