Wild Kalimantan DS

    Scent Notes: Caramel, Damp Woody, Menthol-Camphor, Sweet Tobacco

    Oud Origin: Borneo East Kalimantan

  • Description

    Extracted from the untamed tropical rainforests of Kalimantan, our Kalimantan Double Super Gaharu is high-quality resinous wild grade agarwood and a perfect addition to your agarwood collection. 

    Its aroma will greet you even before the touch of the burner and its great resin properties are clearly evident from its heavy weight and dark appearance. 

    Create a soothing ambiance in your home or office and achieve an experience of aromatherapy and perfuming that is reeking of majestic scent and class. Let the scented smoke of the Kalimantan DS drift and curl all over your body and wrap its minty freshness all around you!

    1 gram = $18 (USD) or 1 gram = $16 (USD - 100-gram price)

    Note: The Kalimantan DS jungle grade Oud is left in 100-gram amount


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