Malinau SS

    Scent Notes: Cinnamon, Deep Woody, Dried Apricots, Earthy, Smoky

    Oud Origin: Indonesian Malinau

  • Description

    Geographical barriers are no obstacle when it comes to our sourcing for the finest quality. Malinau SS, for Super Size, is named as such for the obvious reason. This wild Malinau Gaharu is super aromatic and shiny in appearance due to its rich Oil content as well as heavy in weight. 

    Once you feel it in your hands, you will agree hands down that this is a premium Oud wood. Malinau SS is one prime example of genuinely wild and naturally aromatic agarwood. 

    Our Malinau SS is pure heavy Oud chunks and some of them are partially submerging in water. This highly limited wild Oud wood is available in five different weights and sizes. 

    $18 (USD)


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