Qi-Nan (Kynam) 100

    Scent Notes: Honey, Smooth, Sweet, Sweet Caramel, Sweet Tobacco, Vanillin

    Oud Origin: Qi-Nan 沉香, 沈香, 伽羅

  • Description

    A legendary name that is often heard but rarely seen, Sultanul Oud has painstakingly managed to acquire this mystical pinnacle black gold of the jungle by the grace of God.

    This Qi-Nan piece weighing 100 gram is sparkling with its resin when shone under bright fluorescent light, its perfect texture is almost silky in appearance, its scent is pristinely amazing that is almost surreal to describe. Put a tiny splinter of it in your mouth and feel that numbness sensation as you chew it.

    Yes, you are trying to verify its Kynam authenticity and we are telling you this is the Kynam that they have been talking about. As if those information is not mind blowing enough, this extremely rare Qinnan is a fully resinated piece - making it even more exceptional.

    Its thickness is ideal for carving and making beads - Kudos to the patronage who is able to acquire it before it is gone.

    1 gram = $120 (USD)

    Weight = Approximately 100 grams  


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