• Custom Oud for a visiting VIP Jun 18, 2013

    Plenty of people have asked us about our Custom Oud service and what does it really entails.

    Sultanul Oud service of the Custom Oud is the unparalleled satisfaction of designing your own Oud perfume, infused with the rare and elegant agarwood materials from the diverse regions which are presented, and subsequently selected by you for the construction of the one of a kind Oud.

    This service of a unique expression of your identity involves the master distiller skilfully construct your creation to perfection, from the initial soaking of the select agarwood chips to the exacting distillation process to avoid any burning and to the final housing into a gold plated Oud bottle, bearing your name.

    This painstaking service to produce a true legend, that can span generations in the owner's possesion can take up to a few weeks to complete.

    Only for our loyal customers with a discerning taste for Oud

    We recently have the honour to service a visiting VIP from a Middle Eastern country with a Hindi Custom Oud. Below is the picture showcasing the Oud with the customised gold plated bottle bearing the Excellency's name. 

    A Custom Hindi Oud exclusively distilled for a visiting dignitary and luminary from the Middle East
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