Borneo Intense

    Scent Notes: Buttery, Honey, Smooth, Sweet, Sweet Caramel

    Oud Origin: Borneo Malaccensis

  • Description

    The Borneo Intense has a natural flair to attract those that are already accustomed to the noble Oud scent and those that are not. 

    Its rich, sweet and enticing aroma communicates instinctively with the wearer, making you feel altogether comfortable, soothed and wrapped in upmost relaxation. This scent crafts a nostalgic atmosphere of serenity and tranquility, leaving the wearer centered and at peace. 

    An aromatic oil vapour that beckons you and induces you into a relaxed state, restoring you to a perfect balance of mind, body and spirit. 

    Let our long awaited Borneo Oud oil become your muse and enhance your physical and psychological well-being, leaving you well-rested and inspired by nature’s very own work of art, rightly concocted from non chemically infused, jungle grade agarwood, anciently seated in the deep woods of Borneo.  


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