Hindi Sidiq

    Scent Notes: Cinnamon, Smoky-Tobacco, Smooth, Sweet Caramel, Woody

    Oud Origin: Hindi Agallocha

  • Description

    From the far reaches of Assam, the original lands of the Agallocha species of agarwood, our Hindi Sidiq which means True Hindi, is an exotic agarwood of ancient lineage. 

    These agarwoods are highly aromatic, dark shiny and saturated with rich dark resin; a precious and dignified jewel that is guaranteed to fill your nostrils with an unyielding aroma that stimulates your senses. 

    Bringing positive energy into your life is the very heart and purpose of our Hindi Sidiq. This ancient species of Oud has attracted legions of fans in the Middle East. Just lay your hands on this fragrant sensation and you will find out why.

    1 gram = $15 (USD) or 1 gram = $12 (USD - 100-gram price)


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I got both oudh today in fine condition and nice packaging, thank you for the fast shipping. I like how... Read more →

— Majid F.

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