Samarinda Oud

    Scent Notes: Cloves, Dried Figs, Sweet Tobacco, Vanillin, Woody

    Oud Origin: Samarinda Sinensis

  • Description

    There is nothing more beautiful than coming into your sweet home and finding the atmosphere filled with the scent of Oud. It is warm and inviting and the scent lingers in your curtains, furniture, your clothing, your hair - it is simply delightful, calming and gratifying.

    Prepare yourself to achieve a relaxed state during fumigation with our fragrant Samarinda Oud, an excellent, oil-rich wild Oud from our chips collection that is especially suitable for those who are new to the world of agarwood fumigation.

    Enjoy this wild grade agarwood that is extremely rich in its sweetness, with plentiful resinous black bubbles of agarwood oil constantly oozing out during the fumigation process. If you prefer to enjoy the scent beginners' style, just light a torch at the end of the Oud chips and enjoy the amazing fragrant smell that ascends with the smoke and let the sweet aroma of Samarinda create a nostalgic atmosphere of serenity and tranquillity in your home. 

    Discover the charm of Samarinda Agarwood. It's extraordinary scent profile will not leave you disappointed!

    1 gram = $10 (USD) or 1 gram = $7 (USD - 100-gram price)

    Video: Samarinda Oud in fumigation action - watch the resinous bubbles ooze


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Product Review

I love to burn this, the smell is so nice. The downside is every time after burning this, I have to scrub... Read more →

— Adnan

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