Scent Notes: Dried Figs, Honey, Sweet Caramel, Syrupy, Woody

    Oud Origin: Indonesian Tarakan

  • Description

    The charming Tarakano Aloeswood fragrant oil essence prides itself in its diverse range of sweet sublime notes. Indonesia is extremely rich in its diverse source of wild agarwood trees and it is a common practise to distill from wild Oud chips up to this day. 

    This Tarakano is no different. Extracted by one of our experienced craftsman using CO2 distillation, it is free from any acrid or burnt smell that may be associated with a distillation from less experienced hands. 

    From the first whiff, Tarakano takes an unchartered route and brings the wearer on a fascinating journey of hidden wonders from beginning to middle to end. Beginning with an opening note of caramel sweetness, the scent profile of the Tarakano reaches its pinnacle at a middle note composed of a mixture of dried figs and antique cedar elements. The scent profile then takes a leisurely glide into a smoky end note. 

    Tarakano’s progressive character is an addictive quality in itself and keeps the wearer eager in anticipation of the ephemeral undertones which penetrate each stage of the scent’s progressive profile, leaving you addicted and craving for more of this Tarakan Oud.

    (Note: This is a 2nd distillation of this popular Oud, and its scent properties have turned out to be more excellent than the first, if not the same)


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I was skeptic to go for pure Oud from my usual choice of Oud cologne but this Oud proved to... Read more →

— Dickson L.

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