• 3 things that set Wild Oud apart Mar 29, 2013

    With the multitudes of agarwood farms in increasing numbers around the world, there has also been an increasing number of agarwood traders trying to make a quick buck by selling cultivated, farmed agarwood chips and oil in lieu of wild Oud. This is due to the simple fact that they do not have access to premium, wild, jungle origin Oud. Extinction of wild Oud is a made up issue which will be clarified in another post.

    To us, the novice scent lover in the Oud olfactory journey must be educated in the difference between the two types of Oud before committing to a purchase. Of course, there is no holding back if there is a preference for farmed Oud. Though we think, if the experience of traditional fumigation using raw wild Oud is presented to them, they will put aside their cultivated farmed Oud collection and will not look back.

    We will try to sum up some brief points on the superiority of wild oud.

    Amazing Oil Content. During fumigation, wild Oud has the tendency to exhibit its amazing oil content as soon as it touches base with the coal of the burner. Watch thrillingly as the precious agarwood oil oozes out from the darkened resin of the Oud chips. Oud chips are graded by the content of the resin they contain. Cultivated Oud chips seldom exhibit rich oil during fumigation due to their oil content being very low, even in their marketed superior grade chips.

    Heavy pieces. Wild Oud is heavier in weight than their farmed counterpart. Cultivated chips are so light and hollow that they are rejected for fumigation use in the discerning and selective Oud market of the Middle East. There is simply no demand for them. Not to mention, the cultivated resin of the farmed Oud chips are realised from the multiple use of synthetic chemicals during the inoculation process in their growth.  

    Excellent fragrance. Try it for yourself. Get an Oud from the farm, then get a wild Oud and burn them one after the other. We notice that farmed Oud has rather muted notes with no layer in their scent profile, while the wild Oud is full of depth with various notes according to discerning noses. Nothing beats God's creation taken straight from the wild. 

    (Video taken of our Samarinda Oud fumigated during a gathering of remembrance. The blistering fragrant heat has led to the shaky hands! )
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