• Smell our Oud with GoogleNose! Apr 02, 2013

    This is it! This is the technological breakthrough that can change the way we buy and sell perfumes. No more walking to the stores, patiently walking through the aisles and sampling all the testers in order to find the perfect frag. With Google Nose you can do just that and at the comfort of your own home!

    Why bother with a 1ml sample when you can just sniff through your monitor and select your choicest Oud. With the opening note, middle and dry-down all congested within a single smelling, this is indeed a technological advancement unknown before to man.

    With technology such as the "Global Aroma indexing program" that "intersects photons with intersound waves to align molecules to emulate a particular scent", this Google Nose Beta sounds too good to be true.

    Now before you start smelling every nook and cranny of your monitor, we would kindly like to remind you that today is the 1st of April and we think this "brilliant invention" is Google's way of saying "April Fool's"!

    Now where is that 1ml sample bottle.

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